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In this 6 week step-by-step program you will go from feeling unclear on how to stand out, stuck with what to say and overwhelmed when trying to attract and engage your ideal audience, to feeling confident, consistent and skilled to produce content that will help your business be in demand!


 All without needing to be anything but the {incredible} authentic you.

WEEK 1: 

Sort your ‘she’s the one for me’ brand + messages critical to your business.

  • What makes you the one? Find this out and be forever clear on how to win clients and stand out in your industry!
  • Craft your voice, vibe and brand core so you can attract your ideal audience and still be authentically you.
  • Define your brand messages using my signature 'plug and play' templates so you can use these all over your brand to clearly say why you are the one.

WEEK 2: 

Success starts with your smart foundation and insights.

  • Be guided through the exclusive-to-this-training 'Find it. Fix it' exercise to outline *exactly* what your ideal client needs to hear from you. This will give you ENDLESS, powerful content ideas for your business.
  • Set up your social media to stand out and stop ideal clients in their tracks {training, templates + checklist} and learn how to use social media to make sales.

WEEK 3: 

Stand out on social media {content creation, copywriting + putting it all together}

  • Get my signature structure of what you should share each week to get seen, loved and selling. You will start to produce magnetic content easier, quicker and more confidently than ever before.
  • 'Content in 2 hours' training
  • Copywriting: how to write captions and posts that hook your audience, keep them on the line, and get you seen, loved, and selling… without being salesy. 

WEEK 4: 

Seen, loved + supercharging your visibility and engagement.

  • Steal my top tips and strategies at how to connect and create an engaged community.
  • Learn how to use social media strategy to increase engagement.
  • Increase your visibility: the three stages of building a brand, which one you are in and how to get seen in each one.
  • BONUS TRAINING: Selling in the DMs: without being salesy.

WEEK 5-6: 

Stay around and make it stick!

  • This is the VIIP part - the 'VERY IMPORTANT IMPLEMENTATION PART' where for two weeks, you put everything you have learned into practice with me by your side. 
  • Receive extra training on how to analyse your results so you know what to do more of in the future as well! 

So, uh, why should you trust me to be the side-kick for your content marketing? 


It's a damn good question and one I am glad you asked {or, at least thought}. 

I {Carinda} am a word-nerd with serious street credentials and experience {over 10years}. 

I have a proven track record of helping small and medium size businesses achieve their goals through words.

In a past life before opening my own communication agency, I was a Chief Communications Officer and Brand Strategist leading communications for some very successful businesses {and kicking some serious goals}. 

Now, every day I get to help people just like you harness the power of content, copywriting and communication to create success in their business. 

  • To engage customers. 
  • To create relationships. 
  • To generate leads. 
  • To make sales. 
  • And to stand out from the rest.  

It's my passion. My purpose. And to be honest, a damn privilege. 

I've set myself a mission to help 10,000 small business over my career {AKA to help YOU} affordably, authentically, and with serious results.

I hope that you will join me as a founding member in this program where I will help you master content marketing and achieve your wildest business goals. 


Want to join me next time the 6-week Content Clarity Bootcamp is run, where you will master and social media content to go from “just another offer” to “she’s the one for me!!”? If so, just pop your name on the list! You will get first dibs on the program when it is next announced. 

I won't send spam. Ever. #Ew. Unsubscribe at any time.