Campaign with Confidence: 



A plug+play, repeat-many-times template and training solution based on powerful consumer psychology that’ll help you easily create and run a profitable flash sale or special offer AT ANY TIME OF THE YEAR, FOR ANY REASON to increase your sales FAST!


{This same solution has helped other small biz owners make thousands of dollars in just 5 days using their current audience and skyrocket their sales + conversion percentages 💛}


Hey brilliant small biz owner,


Let me guess. You'd *love* to create an easy cash injection FAST {I mean, who the heck doesn’t?!  Income and impact should not be dirty words} and you'd love to make it happen ASAP through your current biz!


You have an ongoing strategy for your business to make sales through your content marketing and social media {#goyou!!}, but an EXTRA cash injection could really put a smile on your face and skip in your step. 


But maybe when you think about running a strategic sale or special {called a ‘campaign'} that'll help you to do this, there are a few things that hold you back. Like...


🙃   What *exactly* should you post without spamming your audience that will *actually* get you engagement and RESULTS!

🙃  What is the best way to structure a sale or campaign that will really attract people and make sales {*without* having to drain your profit along the way!}?

🙃  How can you actually pull this together without it taking hours and hours {or maybe days} 'cause while cash would be AMAZING - campaigns can be a lot of work when you don't have a helping hand.


OOOOOR maybe you *have* run a sale or special before only to feel spammy, ick, didn't get great results you'd hoped for or worse… heard crickets. 😞🦗


Well, I am going to let you in on a secret {‘cause you know I am ALLLL about handing over *all* my tried and tested methods to help YOU make income and impact}. 

And that is this…

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You can *easily* run a campaign that gets results! But it requires more than just popping up a '% off' post to get the results you are hoping for


{and I am here to help you achieve the sale success you deserve with so much ease 👯‍♀️}.


You see, there are different things your audience needs to see or hear from you to connect, be compelled and CONVERT! And when you understand these things. and cover them in content, YOUR OUTCOMES CAN SKYROCKET! ⚡️


There are also different ways you can talk about your special offer that can stop the scroll and that don’t just sound like you are screaming “BUY ME” or "HIRE ME" over and over again. 


And there are powerful sales techniques you can add in to create even MORE conversions and amplify the revenue and profit you create! {that *so* many people miss!}


And this solution? Has been made to cover and solve ALL THE ABOVE and more! And all in a 'plug + play' format you can access instantly.  ⚡️


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Here are some *actual* outcomes from businesses who have used this system for their campaigns 😍



Your content planned, written, and ready to go across Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn for the next 26 week.

Post + Stories both included!


This is an entire 6-month plan of social media posts done for you, ready for you to plug in a few unique details about your business and upload to Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin. 


6 months of strategic Facebook and Instagram Story plans, using our unique 7-day topic system. 




A powerful plug+play solution to run a flash sale or special offer at any time in the year for your product or service-based biz to create income + impact FAST!  



Done-for-you content pack

(the exact content that has made biz owners thousands of dollars = $pricelss} 

Save hours of time. Bucket loads of less stress. And have complete clarity and confidence in what you need to share on your current channels to get SEEN, LOVED and SELLING.

Inside you will find CAPTION TEMPLATES, EMAIL TEMPLATES AND STORY PROMPTS the fit both SERVICE + PRODUCT based businesses including:


⚡️ Every engaging caption for your 5-day flash-sale + warm-up that you just ‘plug+play’ the details about your offer into - each based on the stages of a buyer’s journey that helps them CONVERT

⚡️ Story prompts and scripts for your 5-day flash sale + a warm-up period so you can sell through stories with ease. 

⚡️ Email copy templates for your 5-day flash sale that you can just ‘plug + play’. These can be used whether you have 1 person on your mailing list or 10,000! 

⚡️ Plus extra content like an optional video script so you can go live to announce your sale as well as sleaze-free DM scripts to follow up any potential clients or customers you had contact with who didn’t convert! 

Delivered in Trello, Google Doc + PDF format.

PSSST: Campaign with Confidence includes templates perfect for service-based AND product-based businesses IN THE ONE PACK so you have the perfect content for your biz no matter your industry or offer. 

{Scroll down the page for a sneak peek at inside this pack with the video tour with Carinda!}

2-Part Masterclass

(VALUE: 55minutes of step-by-step strategy + learning worth $450 1:1 minimum)


A two-part masterclass to teach you how to:

⚡️ PART ONE: Create your sale campaign. 

Learn how to campaign with confidence and create a seriously smart, standout campaign that CONVERTS! We’ll cover how often to campaign, what to actually offer your amazing audience and a very special strategy to implement DURING your campaign to create even more sales and outcomes, faster.  

⚡️PART TWO: Create your content.  

Understand how to use consumer psychology to create a successful campaign. Learn the 5 things people need to see to go from “just-looking” to “ready to buy” and then be shown exactly how to use the content templates provided that follow this EXACT strategy to help you create success! 

{PS - Scroll down the page for a sneak peek at the content!}

Attention-grabbing graphics to pair with your captions

(Value - $47 and not available anywhere for individual sale)


Use these professionally designed template graphics to pair with EVERY CAPTION in the done-for-you captions templates in your pack! These stop-the-scroll graphics will make your life *so* much easier, with not only your captions done for you, but design options too! 

These are also based on high-performing organic, authentic social media designs and elements so your posts go from looking spammy or boring and use engaging social media elements to catch people’s attention organically. 

These are completely customisable and you can change all images, colours and text just through the free version of Canva!


PSSST: Campaign with Confidence includes templates perfect for service-based AND product-based businesses IN THE ONE PACK so you have the perfect content for your biz no matter your industry or offer. 



Use these bonuses to help supercharge your campaign even further!

🎁 BONUS Optional reels scripts with audio that you can use if you love reels

🎁 BONUS  A full workbook you can use during the training

🎁 BONUS  All content in PDF, Trello and Google format AND access to both the product AND service based content and examples IN THE ONE PACK!


ONLY $37


{not bad AT ALL for a proven solution that could make you hundreds or THOUSANDS of dollars... over and over again 😍}


*Limited Offer Of $37USD (One-Time Payment). MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. 


This was the first time I have followed a sales plan from a professional having just winged it for all the previous sales! The process was super easy to follow. The tools and knowledge that Carinda provides are next level! Very happy with the outcome of my sale!!!

This product would suit everyone. No matter if you are new to it all and need some extra support OR have years of experience you will still gain valuable knowledge that you may have completely overlooked in the past.

- Samantha | One Little Robertson



Want to see exactly what's inside Campaign with Confidence, see samples of the content AND how it can help you get results? 


Watch this short video and take a tour of the solution with Carinda! 👇



I know investing in anything as a small biz owner can be a big decision. Our marketing budgets are tight but we *do* need to make smart investments to help us get ahead...
And I am *so* confident that *this* solution is one of those smart ones that can seriously help you that I offer a 7-day, no questions asked money-back guarantee.
Check out the solution and if it’s not for you, simply email me within 7 days and I will refund you.
I am so confident that this will help you though, which is why I offer you to buy this and check it out RISK-FREE! 

- Carinda 💛


So, uh, why should you trust me to be the side-kick for your content marketing? 

It's a damn good question and one I am glad you asked {or, at least thought}. 

I {Carinda} am a word-nerd with serious street credentials and experience {over 11years}. 

I have a proven track record of helping small and medium size businesses achieve their goals through words.

In a past life before opening my own communication agency, I was a Chief Communications Officer and Brand Strategist leading communications for some very successful businesses {and kicking some serious goals}. 

Now, every day I get to help people just like you harness the power of content, copywriting and communication to create success in their business. 

  • To engage customers. 
  • To create relationships. 
  • To generate leads. 
  • To make sales. 
  • And to stand out from the rest.  

It's my passion. My purpose. And to be honest, a damn privilege. 

I've made it my mission to help small business owners SUCCEED {AKA to help YOU} affordably, authentically, and with serious results.

I hope that through this solution, I can use my purpose and passion {and serious skill} to help you master content marketing and achieve your wildest business goals. 


💛 Done-for-you content for the entire 5 day strategic campaign + warm up period to help you stand out, use marketing psychology and best practice to make sales and save SO much time and stress with everything strategised, planned and written for you! You just plug + play! It has:

⚡️Every caption for the 5 days

⚡️Every email for 5 days

⚡️Story scripts + prompts for the entire period

⚡️A live video script you can use to boost your campaign launch

⚡️AND MORE like a sleaze-free DM script to follow up if you need to on the last day

💛A two-part masterclass to teach you how to:

⚡️Set your campaign up for success

⚡️Understand the steps the content will walk your audience through and create your content through a ‘fill in the gaps’ method with so much ease

💛 A professionally designed graphic pack that has every. single. caption matched with a graphic to help with your posts and to stop the scroll with ease

🎁 BONUS Optional reels scripts with audio that you can use if you love reels

🎁 BONUS  A full workbook you can use during the training

🎁 BONUS  All content in PDF, Trello and Google format AND access to both the product AND service-based content and examples IN THE ONE PACK!


ONLY $37


{not bad AT ALL for a proven solution that can make you hundreds or THOUSANDS of dollars... over and over again 😍}



You might be asking why something that can help your business *so* much is *so* affordable... when others out there {let’s be honest here} charge WAY more for the same type of thing or charge way more and deliver so much less.


This is why.


I {Carinda} believe small businesses deserve to be seen. Really seen.

I know you pour your heart into your business and you deserve to succeed - without the struggles of content marketing and copywriting getting in your way.

I also know that as a small biz owner? Our budgets are not the biggest - but that doesn’t mean we don’t deserve big support. How are we supposed to scale and grow if the solutions we need to do so are priced out of our reach? *sigh*

It’s why at This is Co. my value is affordability packed with HUGE value. And you will find every single one of my solutions align with this.

I am on a mission to make sure you can get the systems, strategies and support you need in a way you can afford. And that? Is the reason this is priced the way it is.



Want in on a final secret before we reach the end? 


You *don’t* need to run huge dollars in ad spend, onboard influencers, or do anything ‘fancy’ to get a sales boost for your amazing small biz.


All you need to do?


Is create a campaign that your current audience will love, and share that through the channels you already have available to you; your social media, your stories, and if you have an email list, that too.


‘Cause you see, you already have an audience of people who love what you do, who you have been nurturing with content over time, who are sitting there ready to buy from you. And through a magnetic idea and this content marketing strategy {the infuses sales psychology and persuasive copy}, you can use that current audience to inject cash into your biz FAST…


… And make your audience’s life better with your product, service or offer.


So if you want a hand to get this campaign together in a TINY fraction of the time {like, saving hours, maybe even days}, with a proven, seriously-successful strategy and 90% of the legwork done for you?


Then Campaign with Confidence is the solution for you.




ONLY $37



*Limited Offer Of $37USD (One-Time Payment). MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. 

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