ChatGPT Marketing Mastery {Training + Toolkit}

In this masterclass + toolkit, it's time to harness the power of AI {specifically ChatGPT} in your business to take back your time and have a full time content marketing execution team member, with no employee cost! 

In the masterclass, we will dive into what ChatGPT can do, what it can't do, the mindset you should adopt with AI and then jump into HOW to get the BEST 'magic' out of ChatGPT {as it's only as good as what you put in} so you can use this tool with confidence and get the BEST results.

Then watch over my shoulder as I walk you through micro-lessons that show the ways I use ChatGPT to support me with content marketing tasks in my business including: 

  • Using ChatGPT functions for the best experience
  • Hashtag research
  • Writing authentic content in your tone of voice {and filling in templates in your tone too}
  • Researching pain points and desires
  • And more! 

 And pair this with a list of 50+ additional tasks you can also complete - plus prompts